Our Community

The following organizations have joined with us because they share a desire to strengthen the technology community here in Sacramento. We hope you find a group that meets your needs. If there is a group that you'd like to see started, contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Member Organizations

BeerJS Sac

Hangout with Javascript developers & talk about Javascript (or don’t) with tasty beverages (or not) in Sacramento. Creating a social space to build a community. No requirement to drink to participate!

community, javascript, networking, social, technology


We are excited to build a great community focused on all things Javascript. That means learning about new standards like ES6, frameworks like Polymer and React, tooling like Browserify and GulpJS, robotics like NodeBots and Johnny-Five, libraries like D3 and Lodash, conferences like JSConf and JSFest, and everything else that is out there or yet to be created!

community, css, education, hardware, html, javascript, node, nodebots, tooling, web-tech